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Neopost USA offers state & local government agencies contracted pricing. To ensure you are receiving your contract price, please view your contract price catalog below. For additional information regarding your state contract please view your contract terms and conditions and contact your local sales representative.


Western States Contracting Alliance

Contract Number: ADSPO11-00000411-4
Expiration Date: 10/11/2014 plus 2 renewal years
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Supplies: call 1-800-NEOPOST (636-7678)

The following states are participating members under the Neopost WSCA/NASPO contract:
Alaska Iowa Montana South Carolina
Arizona Kansas Nebraska Utah
Arkansas Kentucky Nevada Vermont
California Maryland New Hampshire Washington
Colorado Massachusetts North Dakota Wisconsin
Connecticut Michigan Ohio


Hawaii Minnesota Oklahoma


Idaho Missouri Oregon
Contact Information:
Sales: Administration:
Jack Burton
Government Area Manager
T: 703-989-2706
F: 203-301-2665
Stacey Graham
Government Customer Operations Manager
T: 713-690-0635
F: 832-553-7337

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