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insert'n Mail

insert'n Mail

insert'n Mail provides electronic and physical interfaces that bridge the gap between your mailing machine and your folder inserter. Save time with the ability to fold, insert, and meter, all in one process.

With insert'n Mail, the Folder Inserter user panel acts as the control center for the whole system, enabling users to quickly fold, insert, and add postage in one fast process.

With its electronic interface, insert'n Mail offers a complete solution for automating your complete mail flow process from Document Preparation to Document Metering.

  • Folder/Inserter control panel acts as command central
  • Provides automatic start/stop function of both systems from a single interface
  • Alerts operator of mailing machine errors instantly
  • Mailing machine programmable jobs can be linked to Folder/Inserter jobs
  • Ensures correct postage values and jobs are used each time
  • Mail machine automatically sets to Pass-Through mode when a test is performed, saving postage

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