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Mailing and Postage Solutions

Low Volume


IJ-25 Desktop Mailing Machine Postage Meter
The IJ-25 combines advanced digital technology with compact dimensions.


IS-280 iMeter™ Postage Meter
The 280 iMeter’s full line of standard features and innovative Apps streamline the way you handle mail.


IS-330 Mailing System
The Neopost IS-330 Mailing System is a desktop powerhouse.


IN-360 Mailing System
The IN-360 is the simple, versatile choice for desktop mailing.

Mid Volume

IN-600 HF

IN-600HF Mailing System
The Neopost IN-600 HF delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

IN-600 AF

IN-600AF Mailing System
The IN-600 Series' contemporary design depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents.


IN-700 Mailing System
The capabilities of the 700 Series exceed those of a traditional mailing system.

High Volume


IN-750 Mailing System
The IN-750 has a sleek and modern design that depicts clean lines, bold edges and aluminum accents.


IS-5000 Mailing System
The IS-5000 offers high throughput and touch-screen technology.


IS-6000 High Volume Mailing System
The IS-6000 mailing system is ready to handle the demands of large corporate and production mailing operations.


IJ-15K Mailing System
IJ-15K High Performance Digital In-line Metering System

From home offices to production mail facilities, Neopost has a line of mailing solutions that will simplify your mail processing needs.

Built to provide reliability, performance, and flexibility, all Neopost mailing systems feature a sleek, modern design with intuitive features that are easy to master. Plus Neopost mailing systems are modular, so they can expand easily as your mailing needs change over time.

Neopost iMeter™ Postage Meter
All IS-Series mailing systems feature the Neopost iMeter™ postage meter. Through a series of standard and optional Apps, you will be able to expand the functionality of the mailing system. The combination of the iMeter™ and powerful business Apps, provide you with the tools you need to better manage your mailing operations and control costs.