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Software Solutions

Multi-Channel Communications, Output Management, Postage Accounting and Data Quality Solutions

Multi-Channel Communications

DPM Delivery Preference Manager
A simple and effective method to manage multi-channel communications.
DPM eDelivery
Go paperless with eDelivery solutions.

Output Management Solutions

Mail Piece Production Integrity Solution MPPC
End-to-end mailing production integrity from print to insertion.
OMS 100 Software OMS-100
Securing & personalizing your mail - made easy.
PrintMachine PrintMachine
Manage your outbound document flow from creation to distribution.
docuTransfer docuTransfer
Increase mailroom productivity by automating the creation and production of your business critical customer communications.
GMC Inspire GMC Inspire
An enterprise communication platform enabling your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time through the preferred channel.

Postage Accounting

Account Report Manager Account Report Manager
Change the way you manage postage expenses with a comprehensive software solution that tracks postage activity in real time. Offering a wide range of reports and tools, Neopost’s Account Report Manager (ARM) maximizes potential savings for a single mailing system or multiple-site enterprise.

Satori Data Quality Solutions

Architect Architect
Maintain the accuracy of your address data from point-of-entry forward.
Bulk Mailer Bulk Mailer
Postal processing and presorting for the professional mailer.
Capture Capture
Quick address entry and instant verification.
EasyTrack EasyTrack
Superior mail stream monitoring, powerful piece-level analysis.
Data-Enrichment On-Demand Data Enrichment Services
Keep your customer information up-to-date.