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We Are Neopost USA

Neopost USA, headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, markets its Neopost brand and Hasler brand of innovative, efficient and affordable mailing and shipping solutions via a network of dealers and direct-sales channels throughout the United States.

Neopost USA supplies technologically advanced solutions for mailing, folding/inserting and addressing as well as logistics management and traceability. Neopost USA also offers a full range of consultancy, maintenance and financing solutions services.

Neopost USA is the American operating company of Neopost S.A., based in France. Neopost S.A. is the number-one producer of mailing and shipping products in Europe, the second largest in the world. During its 90 year history, Neopost has delivered innovative mailing solutions, including the first electronic postage meter, the first folder/inserters with automated setting adjustments and its renowned digital ink jet mailing systems.

Neopost USA Can Help You

Neopost USA’s innovative products and services bring simplicity and efficiency to your business. Neopost USA can help you:

REDUCE MAILING COSTS by taking advantage of postal automation discounts, employing address validation to eliminate undeliverable mail, determining the precise weight and postage for each mail piece or parcel and reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare mailings.

INCREASE MAILROOM EFFICIENCY through intelligent, intuitive and easy solutions. Neopost USA ensures that your mailroom employees are properly trained, provides immediate online and telephone support to keep your operation up and running, and responds quickly to your service needs.

ENSURE MAIL SECURITY AND INTEGRITY by helping to eradicate costly mailing mistakes, by employing OMR technology to protect against erroneous double-document insertions, by automating your document preparation process with our advanced PrintMachine technology at the beginning of the cycle and by offering e-mail and signature confirmation at the time of delivery.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS by ensuring that the business-critical documents you send are professionally created, processed and mailed. Neopost USA can improve delivery speed and exactness, which can improve your company’s cash flow through quicker responses. Accuracy of outgoing mail through CASS- and PAVE-certified address validation and correction means the difference between your critical mail piece arriving at its destination or bouncing back to you.

ENHANCE YOUR CORPORATE IMAGE with crisp indicia, personalized messages and clean document folds.

RAISE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY by eliminating time-consuming, expensive and inefficient manual procedures. Neopost USA’s speedy automated solutions, innovative advanced technology and knowledgeable professional services keep your mailing and shipping processes productive and cost-efficient. Neopost USA also offers data management systems to track, optimize and account for your mailing and shipping operations. And for added ease of operation, you can take advantage of Neopost USA’s online services that provide remote management, tracking and reviewing of your meter transactions, automatic updates for rate changes and software enhancements, and complete transparency into your account.

Why Choose Neopost USA?

Neopost USA has one task and one goal. Neopost USA works to ensure that your mailroom performs optimally. There is only one acceptable end-result – your complete satisfaction. Choose Neopost USA’s Neopost or Hasler brands:
  • For dependable, state-of-the-art mailing, addressing, shipping and document handling hardware and software
  • For consultancy with industry experts who assess your company's mailing needs and recommend efficient and valuable solutions
  • For dollar-stretching value
  • For convenient financing options
  • For after-sale supplies to ensure that your mailing operation performs at its peak
  • For knowledgeable and professional customer service
  • For expert maintenance services
Neopost USA can help you optimize your mailing, shipping and documentation processes, regardless of the size of your company.

When it comes to selecting the right partner to simplify and manage your mailroom operations, there is no better choice than Neopost USA.

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