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Save 2% from the USPS® with a postage meter

Save 2% from the USPS® with a postage meter.

In 2014, for the first time the USPS has given a discount to postage meter mail. First class 1 oz. letters are now .48 with a postage meter vs. .49 with a postage stamp. That’s a 2% savings. The metered-mail discount applies to single piece letters up to 3.5 ounces. Learn More
Small Business Solutions

Enhance your image.

Send the right message about your company with your mail. Your mailings can have a crisp, metered indicia, a customized promotional message or company logo printed right on the envelope and clean document folds. Your customers will notice. Learn More
Small Business Solutions

Improve communications.

Ensure that the business-critical documents you send to your customers and prospects are professionally created, processed and mailed. By improving delivery speed and exactness, you can improve your company’s cash flow through quicker responses. Learn More
Small Business Solutions

Increase mailing efficiency.

With fewer in-house resources to manage important business tasks, automating the mailing process reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare mailings. We help you get important mailings out quicker, while saving money and eliminating the hassles associated with stamps or online postage.Learn More
Neopost has the mailing systems, software, and postage meters for small businesses that are designed to help small and mid-sized organizations. Neopost's Small Business products are made especially to deal with the workloads that most small businesses deal with. Don't spend money on oversized and overpriced devices that aren't designed for your office's workflow.

We have the shipping software and mailing solutions you need to thrive.

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